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Australia's Greatest Escapes

Gripping tales of wartime bravery Author: Burgess, Colin Code: 59355 Price: AU $34.99 Format: Paperback / 320 pages Publisher: SIMON & SCHUSTER AUSTRALIA Published date: 10/07/2020 Availability: Available, please contact us for availability

Australias Greatest Escapes is a collection of stories about the most hazardous aspect of the prisoner of war experience - escape. Here is all the adventure, suspense and courage of ordinary Australians who defied their captors; men who tunnelled to freedom, crawled through stinking drains, or clawed a passage beneath barbed wire in a ......


The Forgotten

The Chinese Labour Corps and the Chinese Anzacs in the Great War Author: Davies, Will Dr. Code: 58815 Price: AU $29.99 Format: Paperback Publisher: WILKINSON PUBLISHING Published date: 01/03/2020 Availability: In Stock. Usually dispatched same business day from Sydney, Australia

The Forgotten provides a doorway into a lost part of Australian history. The Chinese Labour Corps comprised some 200,000 labourers who worked under difficult and dangerous conditions during World War I. The Forgotten celebrates the shared history between China and Australia and the combined efforts to promote peace.

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