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Old Commercial Vehicles of the World

Utes, Pick-Ups, Trucks, Military & Buses Author: Bird, David and Parker, John Code: 62527 Price: AU $59.95 Format: Paperback / 140 pages Publisher: INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER Published date: 12/11/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: November 2022

A great book covering a variety of popular, lesser-known and hardly heard-of commercial vehicles from around the world.

With sections covering light commercials, trucks, military types and buses, plus a pictorial finale, this publication is all about the vehicles and their owners, restorers and custodians.

All the stories ......


Data Driven

Truckers, Technology, and the New Workplace Surveillance Author: Levy, Karen Code: 62643 Price: AU $54.99 Format: Hardback / 240 pages Publisher: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS Published date: 01/05/2023 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: May 2023

A behind-the-scenes look at how digital surveillance is affecting the trucking way of life.

Long-haul truckers are the backbone of the American economy, transporting goods under gruelling conditions and immense economic pressure. Truckers have long valued the day-to-day independence of their work, sharing a ......

Page 1 of 1 (2 items)