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Porsche 911 Carrera (993): 1993 to 1998

Ultimate Buyer's Guide by Morgan, Peter Code: 52002 Format: Paperback / 72 pages Publication date: 24/12/2005 Availability: Sold Out Price: AU $8.70 (was AU $29.00) You save AU $20.30

This "Ultimate Guide" helps buyers identify and buy the Porsche 911 Carrera, RS and Turbo. This model family is better known by its Porsche internal number as the type 993, manufactured between December 1993 to July 1998.The 993 has been universally praised as the prettiest 911 of them all. This was the Porsche that was only ever intended as an interim model - a stopgap while the new generation water-cooled model (the 996) was developed. But the reality went far beyond that.The 993 hauled Porsche from the brink of bankruptcy and as sales of the other model families - the 968 and 928 flagged - staked a claim for Porsches future as an independent manufacturer.It was a 911 that sold purely on its merits. It looked good, had suspension that finally brought the car into modern times and most importantly had an air-cooled engine that would become famed for its longevity.Using colour photography throughout, this "Ultimate Buyers Guide" introduces all the 993 types, with facts and figures about performance, detail changes from year to year, production information, special models, options and colours. In the Buying section, there are tips to help buyers look at a prospective car, its documentation and information about what makes some cars more desirable than others (by virtue of their colour or the options fitted).

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Format: Paperback
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Publication date: 24/12/2005
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