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Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Engines, Fuel & Computerized Management Systems

by Bennett, Sean Code: 58142 Format: Hardback / 1184 pages Publication date: 14/11/2019 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-3 business days Price: AU $159.95
Gear up for career success in the dynamic field of commercial truck engine service, with the latest edition of the most comprehensive to guide commercial vehicle engines and their management systems available today! Ideal for students, entry-level technicians, and experienced professionals, MEDIUM/HEAVY DUTY TRUCK ENGINES, FUEL & COMPUTERIZED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, Sixth Edition, covers the full range of commercial vehicle diesel engines (from light- to heavy-duty), electric drivetrains, and the most current management electronics used in the industry. In addition, dedicated chapters deal with natural gas (NG) fuel systems, alternate fuels, hybrid drive, fuel cell, and all-electric drive systems. User-friendly and fully up to date, this trusted text addresses the latest ASE Education Foundation tasks, places unique emphasis on the modern multiplexed chassis and telematics, and is designed to serve as a practical toolbox reference throughout your professional career.
Format: Hardback
Pages: 1184
Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-3 business days
Publisher: CENGAGE
Publication date: 14/11/2019
Country of publication: UNITED STATES
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Code: 58142
Part I: DIESEL ENGINE FUNDAMENTALS. 1. Introduction. 2. Hand and Shop Tools. 3. Personal Safety Equipment. 4. Engine Fundamentals. 5. History of the Heat Engine. 6. Power. 7. Diesel Engine Powertrain Assemblies. 8. Diesel Engine Feedback Assembly. 9. Engine Housing Components. 10. Diesel Engine Lubrication systems. 11. Engine Cooling Systems. 12. Engine Breathing. 13. Engine Retarders. 14. Engine Service Procedure. 15. Diesel Engine Removal, Disassembly, Cleaning, Inspection and Reassembly. 16. Diesel Engine Run-in and Performance Testing. Part II: DIESEL FUEL SYSTEMS. 17. Chemistry and Combustion in Diesel Engines. 18. Diesel Fuel Characteristics. 19. Fuel Subsystems. 20. Fuel Injection Basics and Governor Principles. 21. Injector Nozzles. 22. Port Helix Metering Fuel Systems. 23. Inlet Metering Rotary Distributor Pumps. 24. Sleeve Metering Rotary Distributor Pumps. 25. Single Actuator EUI Fuel Systems. 26. Twin Actuator EUI Fuel Systems. 27. HEUI Fuel System. 28. Electronic Unit Pump (EUP) Fuel Systems. 29. HPI-TP Fuel System. 30. Common Rail Fuel Systems. 31. Amplified CR systems. Part III: ENGINE MANAGEMENT, HYBRID, ELECTRIC POWERTRAINS, EMISSIONS, AND TROUBLESHOOTING. 32. Review of Electrical and Electronics Fundamentals. 33. Vehicle Computers. 34. ESTs and SIS. 35. Electrical Wiring, Connector and Terminal Repair. 36. Multiplexing. 37. The Connected Vehicle. 38. Natural Gas, Propane and Biodiesel. 39. High Voltage Electricity. 40. Hybrid and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrains. 41. Electric Powertrains. 42. Bosch EDC and Siemens Systems. 43. Caterpillar ADEM Systems. 44. Cummins Management Systems. 45. Detroit Diesel DDEC. 46. Navistar Diamond Logic. 47. Paccar Management Systems. 48. Volvo and Mack Management Systems. 49. Emissions Management. 50. Servicing and Maintenance of Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems. 51. Failure Analysis. 52. Troubleshooting and Diagnostics.