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Another Great Day at Sea: Life Aboard USS George H.W. Bush

by Geoff Dyer Code: 32406 Format: Hardback / 208 pages Publication date: 20/05/2014 Availability: Please contact us for availability Price: AU $44.99

From a writer "whose genre-jumping refusal to be pinned down [makes him] an exemplar of our era" (NPR), a new book that confirms his power to astound readers. As a child Geoff Dyer spent long hours making and blotchily painting model fighter planes. So the adult Dyer jumped at the chance of a residency aboard an aircraft carrier. "Another Great Day at Sea" chronicles Dyers experiences on the USS "George H.W. Bush" as he navigates the routines and protocols of "carrier-world," from the elaborate choreography of the flight deck through miles of walkways and hatches to kitchens serving meals for a crew of five thousand to the deafening complexity of catapult and arresting gear. Meeting the Captain, the F-18 pilots and the dentists, experiencing everything from a man-overboard alert to the Steel Beach Party, Dyer guides us through the most AIE (acronym intensive environment) imaginable. A lanky Englishman (could he really be both the tallest and the oldest person on the ship?) in a deeply American world, with its constant exhortations to improve, to do better, Dyer brilliantly records the daily life on board the ship, revealing it to be a prism for understanding a society where discipline and conformity, dedication and optimism, become forms of self-expression. In the process it becomes clear why Geoff Dyer has been widely praised as one of the most original--and funniest--voices in literature. "Another Great Day at Sea" is the definitive work of an author whose books defy definition.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 208
Availability: Please contact us for availability
Publication date: 20/05/2014
Country of publication: UNITED STATES
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Code: 32406