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McKlein 2015 Rally Calendar


This calendar is the perfect platform on which to illustrate the most spectacular motor sports discipline in the world, as it comes in a giant 95cm wide panoramic format. "McKlein Rally Calendar- The Wider View 2015" comprises twenty-five of the most captivating images of the current WRC season. For each month of the year, this "Official calendar of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship" offers a choice between two difference pictures. They illustrate enormous variety of the sport through the eyes of the world famous photographers of McKlien who also give insight into their camera settings as well as the... More...

McKlein 2015 Motorsport Classic Calendar


When the flag fell, fifty-five racing drivers started to run as if bitten by a snake, jumped into their sports cars, and drove off with smoking tires as if the race would be decided the very first lap. The start at Le Mans was always a truly unforgettable experience. Back in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, motor sport may have been dangerous but it was also a great showtime that still fascinates people today. The "Motorsport Classic 2015" calendar captures the atmosphere of these wild times and brings it into your home or office thanks to twenty-five compelling black and... More...

McKlein 2015 Desktop Rally Calendar


The handy "2015 Desktop Rally Calendar- History Meets the Present" provides a battle of the generations in just 11.5 x 13.5 centimeters of space. Every two weeks, it offers a choice between two difference images- one archive photo taken from the massive resources of McKlein as well as one picture from the current WRC season. Would you prefer to see Ari Vatanen power sliding his Ford Escort RS1800 through the Finnish forests of Thierry Neurbille circling his Hyundai i20 WRC around Sardinian rocks? The choice is yours in the varied calendar that comprises a mix of old and new as... More...

Classic Monaros 2015 Square Wall Calendar


Since July 1968 The Monaro has been know as a classic Australian Icon. The Classic Monaro calendar captures vehicles from the 60s through to the 2003 Holden Monaro V2 Coupe. More...

Jets 2015 Square Wall Calendar


The twentieth century witnessed an onslaught of technological advancements like never before. Among these many modern marvels, certain innovations are easily taken for granted. Take, for instance, the jet engine, which along with brilliant aeronautical engineering redefined the rules of warfare and made the incredible speed and convenience of commercial air travel possible. If you admire these magnificent, sleek machines, you are sure to appreciate this spectacular Jets wall calendar.    More...

Mustangs 2015 Square Wall Calendar


When Ford first released the sleek, high-performance Mustang in 1964, it was a success from the get-go. Over forty years later, enduringly fast, classy, and relatively inexpensive, the Mustang continues to boast a devoted following. Featuring iconic models from different eras in the Mustang’s glorious history, this wall calendar puts you in the driver’s seat and sets you free on the open road. More...

Volkswagen Beetle 2015 Square Wall Calendar


Known affectionately as the "Bug," the Volkswagen Beetle is truly one of the most distinctive passenger cars on the road in the history of the automobile. Vastly appealing for its simple design and compact size, the Beetle was introduced in the late 1930s in Germany, and by 1949 the first Beetle had arrived in America. It became the world’s best-selling car and is still in high demand, as its bright colors and eye-pleasing, compact shape continue to attract attention on the road. This Volkswagen Beetle wall calendar is devoted entirely to these wonderful compact cars. More...

Kawasaki 2015 Square Wall Calendar


In feudal Japan ninjas were the mysterious spies that operated in its underbelly. And the Kawasaki Ninja motorbikes, which are known for their furtive, sleek, and futuristic design live up to their namesake. Aficionados of these powerful sport bikes knows that the Kawasaki literally goes from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds Prepare to go full throttle with the Kawasaki wall calendar, which features a dynamic collection of photographs of these stunning motorcycles in action. More...

V8 Supercars 2015 Square Wall Calendar


V8 Supercars is the premier motorsport category in Australasia and one of the fastest growing sports in Australia. The 2014 V8 Supercar Calendar includes drivers and cars from the Holden Racing Team, Ford Pepsi Max Crew, Red Bull Racing and more. A perfect gift for Dad. More...

2015 Peter Brock 2015 Square Wall Calendar


Whether you knew him as Peter Perfect, The King of the Mountain or Brocky, Peter Brock will forever be know as a legend of Australian Motorsport. This calendar showcases Brock in actionfrom the 70s through to the early 2000s. All motorsport fanatics will love this calendar. More...