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Art of the Corvette

Photographic Legacy of America's Original Sports Car Author: Leffingwell, Randy Code: 57032 Price: AU $29.99 (was AU $39.99) Format: Hardback / 224 pages Publisher: CRESTLINE BOOKS Published date: 04/09/2019 Availability: In Stock. Usually dispatched same business day from Sydney, Australia
Featuring Corvettes from each generation, Art of the Corvette celebrates the iconic car through high-quality studio portraits.

Corvette Special Editions

Includes Pace Cars, L88s, Callaways, Lingenfelters, Z06s, and More Author: Cornett, Keith Code: 51720 Price: AU $35.91 (was AU $59.86) Format: Hardback Publisher: CARTECH Published date: 14/10/2018 Availability: Sold Out

When the first Corvette was introduced to the public through the traveling caravan known as Motorama, everyone knew there was something special about it. Each subsequent model that followed continued to strengthen that position. But how do you upgrade Americas favorite sports car? Make it a special edition!

Special-edition Corvettes ......


Corvette 1997 - 2002 Road & Track Portfolio

Author: Brooklands Code: 12783 Price: AU $30.36 (was AU $37.95) Format: Paperback / 124 pages Publisher: BROOKLANDS Published date: 01/07/2003 Availability: In Stock. Usually dispatched same business day from Sydney, Australia
This series of books covers the best of the American magazine has to offer on performance cars. There are road and comparison tests, specification and technical data, new model introductions, track tests, development features and driving impressions. Covers models from each of the years.

Service Manual for Corvette, Camaro, Firebird 1986-1996

LT-1 & Tuned Port Fuel Injection Author: Howell Manuals Code: 56284 Price: AU $33.00 (was AU $66.00) Format: Paperback Published date: 01/01/2000 Availability: In Stock. Usually dispatched same business day from Sydney, Australia

A manual for all TPI GM systems from 1985 through 1995 (including LT-1). Contains detailed information on how GM ECM’s receive sensor information and thus control fuel injection and spark timing. Complete list of trouble codes, their discovery and diagnosis. Written primarily so you can troubleshoot engine with only a test light and a digital ......


Corvette American Legend Vol. 1

The Beginning Author: Adams, Noland Code: 39594 Price: AU $12.49 (was AU $24.99) Format: Hardback / 200 pages Published date: 04/01/1997 Availability: Sold Out
The amazing history of the Chevrolet Corvette, told through photographs of the early planning and production stages plus a detailed text. This is the full story of the men and women who crafted the Corvette into America's only true sports car. Chapters include: Tracing the Corvette's Roots; Designer Carl Renner; Le Sabre and XP-300 Concept Cars; ......

Corvette Milestones

Enthusiast Colour Series Author: Mueller, Mike Code: 56177 Price: AU $12.50 (was AU $25.00) Format: Paperback / 96 pages Published date: 27/04/1996 Availability: Sold Out

This vivid color gallery profiles four full decades of Chevrolets most prominent Corvettes, from the first 1953 models through the 1996 models, including the SR-2, Z06, ZR1, LT-1, Grand Sport, Airbox fuelie, Indy Pacer, Betty Skelton racer, plus 25th, 35th, and 40th anniversary specials. Highlights include Corvette model history and evolution, ......


Corvette Essentials

A Collectors Guide 1956-1967 Author: Brigermann, Chuck Code: 39543 Price: AU $19.99 (was AU $39.99) Format: Paperback Publisher: MOTOR BOOKS INTERNATIONAL Published date: 01/09/1993 Availability: In Stock. Usually dispatched same business day from Sydney, Australia

The easy-to-use, accurate, and comprehensive guide to Corvette originality for the most popular years of production. Brigermans drawings and technical details help you assure authenticity in everything from carpet to coils, alternators to antennas.


Road & Track on Corvette 1953-1967

Road Tests (Slightly shop soiled) Author: Brooklands Books Code: 56179 Price: AU $19.77 (was AU $39.55) Format: Paperback / 100 pages Published date: 01/06/1984 Availability: Sold Out

Articles include:

  • Road Tests
  • New model reports
  • Owner surveys
  • Styling
  • Comparison tests
  • 36,000 Mile report
  • Technical analysis and Classic test.

Models covered include:

SS, Six, V8, 236/150, 265/195, ......


Gregorys Ford Cortina TC Series 6cyl 1972-1974

Service and Repair Manual Author: Gregorys Code: 51199 Price: AU $29.97 (was AU $59.95) Format: Hardback Publisher: GREGORY'S MANUALS Published date: 01/06/1973 Availability: Sold Out

Models covered:

  • Sedan L-XL
  • Wagon L-XL
  • 200 /3300c.c/250
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