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Ferraris in Australia in the 1950s and 1960s

Price reduced as slightly damaged copy Author: Farr, Barry Code: 52047 Price: AU $148.75 (was AU $175.00) Format: Hardback / 176 pages Published date: 15/07/2018 Availability: Please contact us for availability

The first Ferrari to land on Australian soil was a 1952 212 Inter Berlinetta which remains down under to this day.  Bill Pappy Lowe ordered the car and upon its delivery in Melbourne became the first appointed Ferrari agent outside of Europe and remained Australias importer until 1970.  By that time, 65 Ferraris had been brought into Australia, ......


Arrogance and Accords

The Inside Story of the Honda Scandal Author: Lynch, Steve Code: 56176 Price: AU $39.97 (was AU $79.95) Format: Hardback / 310 pages Published date: 19/11/1997 Availability: In Stock. Usually dispatched same business day from Sydney, Australia

Between 1994 and 1997, 18 former executives of American Honda Motor Company were convicted on federal fraud and racketeering charges. This true-crime story reveals the underbelly of one of the worlds most respected companies, detailing the key characters in this 15-year scandal and their shady deals, along with internal and FBI investigations. ......


Behind the Wheel at Chrysler

The Iacocca Legacy Author: Levin, Doron P. Code: 51138 Price: AU $19.99 (was AU $39.99) Format: Hardback / 354 pages Publisher: HOUGHTON MIFFLIN Published date: 01/06/1995 Availability: Sold Out

When the Chrysler Corporation teetered on the verge of bankruptcy in 1979 and 1980, a business folk hero was born: Lee Iacocca. Ignominiously fired as president of Ford Motor Company, Iacocca appeared vindicated as he led Chrysler to a miraculous recovery. During the next four years he successfully hawked Chrysler cars - and himself - in ......

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