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Reggiane Re 2000, Re 2002, Re 2003

by Przemyslaw, Skulski Code: 61880 Format: Paperback / 160 pages Publication date: 28/09/2022 Availability: Pre Order. Release date: September 2022 Price: AU $55.00

This book describes and illustrates the development of the famous range of lightly-built and highly-manoeuverable Italian WWII fighters of the Reggiane factory, with their radial engines. These planes served with the Regia Aeronautica and other forces, including the Hungarian and Swedish air arms. This book describes the design, development and operations of this elegant and effective group of fighter aircraft. It features scale plans, photographs and drawings from wartime technical manuals, superb colour artwork of camouflage and markings and rare black and white archive photographs. Colour photographs of preserved aircraft illustrate all aspects of surviving airframes.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Availability: Pre Order. Release date: September 2022
Publication date: 28/09/2022
Country of publication: POLAND
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Dimensions: 297.00mm X 210.00mm
Code: 61880