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Car Racing 1967

by Rives, Johnny Code: 60700 Format: Hardback / 224 pages Publication date: 08/03/2021 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-3 business days Price: AU $187.00
The third volume in the 'Car Racing' collection, 1967 bears witness to the gradual appearance of colour. Photographers henceforth juggled rolls of both black & white and colour film as they ventured as close as possible to the drivers and throngs entranced with speed and competition. Industries and automobile marques understood the full import of the tremendous platform motorsport offered them, and became ever more enthusiastic to share their stories and victories with the public. Many are mentioned in these pages, including Ford's extraordinary epic with the Cosworth engine and triumph at Le Mans. This volume also showcases portraits of drivers from Francois Cevert to Bruce McLaren, and touches on the careers of legendary designers such as Jean Redele, Colin Chapman and Jim Hall... In their lively commentary, Johnny Rives and Manou Zurini take evident pleasure in recalling old acquaintances from the pitched fever of the track, joyfully sharing their knowledge through anecdotes and memories. Text in English and French. AUTHORS: Johnny Rives remains the ultimate specialist in motorsport, first joining L'Equipe in 1960. A former Formula 1 commentator on the TV channel TF1, he has published a number of works dedicated to his passion for sports cars and racing. Here, he sketches several moving portraits of great drivers that echo the photographs taken by DPPI. A former driver himself, Manou Zurini is the oldest photographer of automobile racing, and was a fixture on the tracks from the early 1960s, notably as a member of DPPI. Many of his shots were seen all over the world. Today retired from the track, he is a world-renowned sculptor, and shares his deep knowledge of automobile racing in the captions for this book. 9 colour, 190 b/w illustrations
Format: Hardback
Pages: 224
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Publication date: 08/03/2021
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