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From Controversy to Cutting Edge - History of F-111 in Aust. Service

by Mark Lax Code: 24234 Format: Hardback Publication date: 01/07/2010 Availability: Sold Out Price: AU $39.95
Publisher's Notes: The F-111 is unique among the aircraft that the Royal Australian Air Force has operated throughout its history. Never before has one type had such a profound impact not only on the RAAF, but upon Australia’s strategic policy outlook. From the moment it was ordered, however, the F-111 would be shrouded in controversy. Cost blow-outs, delivery delays, technical problems and an undeserved poor reputation meant that the aircraft’s place in the frontline of Australia’s defence would be continually challenged. Despite the barbs, the aircraft survived to fly in Australia for nearly 40 years—a clear testimony to the skill and dedication of the men and women who flew, maintained and supplied it. Now, as this amazing aircraft departs from service, its story has finally been told with full access to the range of official records regarding its acquisition and operation. The politics spanning fifty years of air force history, the controversies, and that media drama, have all been faithfully and unflinchingly described. Loved by the public, decried by armchair strategists, the F-111 has at last found its place in Australia’s rich military history.
Format: Hardback
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Publication date: 01/07/2010
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