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The man behind the myth by Kinloch, Terry Code: 56614 Format: Hardback / 328 pages Publication date: 01/11/2018 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-3 business days Price: AU $59.99
A comprehensive biography of General Sir Alexander Godley, presenting for the first time a fair and balanced look at his time as commander of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) and II ANZAC Corps during World War I. While Godley is generally remembered as being a poor field commander, Terry Kinloch argues that he was in fact a capable one who had little or no ability to influence the failed battles at Gallipoli and Passchendaele that he is often seen as responsible for. Kinloch also presents, for the first time, a detailed account of Godley's long pre- and post-World War I career in the British Army. After the war Godley returned to the British Army, eventually reaching the rank of general before retiring in 1933. During his 48-year military career, he also served on operations in Rhodesia and South Africa, as a mounted infantry instructor, in the post-war British occupation force in Germany, and as the Governor of Gibraltar.
Format: Hardback
Pages: 328
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Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-3 business days
Publication date: 01/11/2018
Country of publication: AUSTRALIA
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Code: 56614
Maps Foreword Acknowledgements Preface: The Elephant in the Room 1. Victorian Childhood 2. Irish Fusilier 3. The Mashonaland Rebellion 4. Fighting the Farmers 5. Backing the Wrong Horse 6. A Man with a Mission 7. The NZEF Goes to War 8. It All Looks Very Promising 9. So Ends the Great Adventure 10. To the Western Front 11. The Mud and the Blood 12. The Green Fields Beyond 13. After the War 14. Imperial Scapegoat Chronology Glossary Notes References Index