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Holden Treasures

From the 1946 Prototypes to the 1966 HR by Loffler, Don Code: 52044 Format: Hardback / 352 pages Publication date: 15/12/2018 Availability: In Stock, usually dispatched same day Price: AU $47.96 (was AU $59.95) You save AU $11.99

Here at last is Don Lofflers long-promised book on rare and special examples of the first ten Holden models. The first five chapters feature such vehicles in their recent and/or current state. The last five are devoted to historic images of the vehicles in their heyday.

Thanks to painstaking and persistent research, Don has been able to assemble an amazing collection of over 500 images from black-and-white photographs and colour slides, many of which are bound to surprise enthusiasts and readers of this book.

Don Loffler has evolved a unique style of automotive social history. His great capacity to find the human stories behind the cars and then to illustrate them with superb photographs makes all his books a joy to own, to read and to display. He has done the history of Australias Own Holdens extremely proud in all his volumes. This one, aptly named Holden Treasures, and as painstakingly researched as his previous six, contains a wealth of previously unpublished material. When automotive historians of the future (if such exist) look back on the Holden, these fine books will present a ready-made archive. - Dr John M. Wright (PhD)

Format: Hardback
Pages: 352
Availability: In Stock, usually dispatched same day
Publication date: 15/12/2018
Country of publication: AUSTRALIA
Weight: 1620 g
Dimensions: 230.00mm X 210.00mm
Code: 52044

Some people guess that Don Loffler is the son or relative of a Holden dealer, or a former Holden factory employee, or someone closely connected with the motor trade. He is none of these, but a retired German, Latin and Chemistry teacher, who is enjoying the process of writing books on his passion - the early Holden models and the history behind them.

Born in Kapunda, South Australia, Don gained an Arts degree and two Education diplomas from the University of Adelaide. His late wife, also a graduate with similar degrees from the same university, was his inspiration in the initial years of his book writing, and the tradition is now maintained by his son Michael and daughter Helen.

Don Loffler regards himself as fortunate indeed to be writing three more books featuring all makes of car on Australian roads in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. In addition, he is preparing a third edition of his original book, She’s a Beauty!.