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Day Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe 1943-45

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A fully illustrated account of the Day Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe from 1942 to 1945. Around 500 Luftwaffe fighter pilots were awarded the Knight's Cross, accumulating huge numbers of missions flown. A similar number achieved more than 40 victories?more than the two leading USAF and RAF fighter pilots. This volume of German Fighter Aces traces the story of the Luftwaffe's day fighter arm from 1942 through to the end of the war in Europe, covering missions over Russia in 1943, over the West and the Reich, the Eastern Front and the Mediterranean. Organized campaign by campaign, this chronological account interweaves brief biographical details, newly translated personal accounts and key moments in the careers of a host of notable and lesser known Luftwaffe aces. Fully illustrated with 200 contemporary photographs, maps and profiles of the aircraft flown by these aces, this is a visual delight for anyone with an interest in the day fighter aces of the Luftwaffe. 150 photographs, maps and profiles
Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Illustration: B&W THROUGHOUT
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Publication date: 15/08/2020
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Code: 59212
Introduction Russia 1943 The West and the Reich 1943 The Mediterranean 1943 The Eastern Front 1944 The Mediterranean 1944 1945 Post-war Appendices Index