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Auto Body Repair Technology

by Duffy, James Code: 58878 Format: Hardback Publication date: 06/08/2020 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched from USA 1-2 business days Price: AU $197.95

AUTO BODY REPAIR TECHNOLOGY, Seventh Edition, features extensive new and updated material reflecting the latest automotive technology and current industry best practices. In addition to incorporating current ASE Education Foundation Collision Repair and Refinish Program Standards and Task Lists, this market-leading text provides detailed information on working with hybrid and electric vehicles, using environmentally friendly water-based paints, resistance spot and nitrogen plastic welding and other cutting-edge methods and materials. Celebrated for its clear, reader-friendly explanations and detailed, accurate information, this proven guide also includes abundant full-color photos and illustrations--many new or updated for the Seventh Edition--to make even complex concepts easier to understand and apply. Available supplements include a tech manual with shop assignments and newly updated and expanded job sheets, as well as interactive online resources ideal for todays learners. Providing comprehensive coverage of collision repair--from initial evaluation and estimating, to structural and mechanical repairs, to repainting and refinishing--this trusted guide will help you quickly and confidently learn the skills and procedures you need to succeed as a professional automotive technician.

Format: Hardback
Availability: Available. Usually dispatched from USA 1-2 business days
Publisher: CENGAGE
Publication date: 06/08/2020
Country of publication: UNITED STATES
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Code: 58878