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Slow Car Fast

The Millennial Mantra Changing Car Culture for Good by Ryan ZumMallen Code: 58900 Format: Paperback Publication date: 01/02/2020 Availability: Sold Out Price: AU $29.99

How did horsepower and speed get so out of control? Do young people still like cars? Who are the automotive icons that will shape car culture for years to come?

Slow Car Fast: The Millennial Mantra Changing Car Culture For Good offers answers to the questions on the mind of every kid who grew up with a poster on their wall and dreamed of owning their dream car one day, ferreted out through the first-hand reporting of veteran auto journalist Ryan ZumMallen.

ZumMallen goes inside the automotive zeitgeist to explain how modern car culture came to be, from the old-school (massive improvements in engineering and technology) to the new-school (the rise of video games and social media).

Featuring interviews with dozens of influential voices and ride-alongs in today’s automotive unicorns, Slow Car Fast is a must-have for anyone who knows that getting behind the wheel is only the beginning.

Format: Paperback
Availability: Sold Out
Publication date: 01/02/2020
Country of publication: UNITED STATES
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Code: 58900