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Automobil Sport Issue #18

Giro d'Italia Automobilistico (Cover Story) by Automobile Sport Magazine Code: 52441 Format: Undefined / 144 pages Publication date: 13/11/2018 Availability: In Stock. Usually dispatched same business day from Sydney, Australia Price: AU $29.99

What a spectacle it was when a pair of 12-cylinder Ferrari 312 B3s were fired up in Monaco. It was beautiful music that echoed between the buildings and the guardrails in the Principality, and quite distinctive among the standard eight-cylinder Cosworths. ‘Rain was forecast for the Sunday. Usually I would have been happy with that,’ said Marco Werner, who drove one of the ex-Niki Lauda Ferraris. However, given the value of the car, even the three-time Le Mans winner was beginning to have some doubts: ‘Heavy rain, lots of puddles, and therefore plenty of opportunities to hit the wall. As if racing at Monaco wasn’t exciting enough already…’

Werner’s class ultimately shone through, and he finished a difficult race on the podium. His third place came after a DNF two years ago. Even this time, preparations were compromised. The team hadn’t turned a single lap of testing before the event. With that in mind, the result was all the more impressive. AUTOMOBILSPORT’s camera team was along for the ride for the pre-race preparations and the race weekend itself, with a report set to land on our online channels soon. In the meantime, enjoy Werner’s first-hand account of his time in the Ferrari, in this issue.

Format: Undefined
Pages: 144
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Publication date: 13/11/2018
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