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Airbourne: Eastbourne International Airshow 2017 DVD Blu-Ray

by Planes TV Code: 51620 Format: DVD Publication date: 16/12/2017 Availability: Sold Out Price: AU $44.21

Voted the UKs best FREE airshow, Eastbourne International Airshow delivered a truly incredibleshow for 2017. This was the events 25th year and continues to attract huge crowds fort a fabulous display of aviation action.

 Eastbourne featured the very best in military and civilian aviation dispaly teams including the Red Arrows, Typhoon, The Blades and Team Raven. Superb weather through most of the 4 days show provided an excellent backdrop for video and we include all dispaly items in this programme.

In-cockpit views from the Strikemaster and Autogyro give a sense of the effort that goes into their routines. Extended sequences of both are included as special features. The programme comes to a close with some beautiful material of magical twilight pyro-aerobatics dispalys from The Fireflies and Twister Aerobatics Team.

Full contents: The Red Arrows, MiG-15, Pitts Special, Buchon, Hurricane IIc, Catalina, team Raven, Spitfire MkIX, Scout, BBMF Spitfire MkXIX, Autogyro, Blades, Mustang, Fireflies, Tigers, Wingwalkers, Chinook, Typhoon, Belgian F-16, Fireflies and Twister Duo

In-Cockpit Special Features: Extended in-cockpit Strikemaster, Team Raven and Autogyro

Format: DVD
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Publication date: 16/12/2017
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