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Dny NATO v Ostrave / NATO Days in Ostrava 2013

by PlanesTV Code: 31788 Format: DVD Publication date: 09/12/2013 Availability: Sold Out Price: AU $44.95

A huge show and an airshow with a difference, notably the often explosive ground displays that intersperse the flying; army assaults with tanks and artillery, anti-terrorist, customs and police operations etc.

In the air the fast jet action was provided by a Czech Gripen and Alca, Austrian Eurofighter, Dutch F-16 and the evocative and historic Saab Viggen.

Czech Cobra, Mil-24 and Mil-171 helicopters, the latter with a troop assault provided some of the rotary action and display team displays came courtesy of the Spanish Patrulla Aspa and Turkish Stars with their supersonic Freedom Fighter jets.

A giant An-124 Ruslan transport arriving for static display and leaving at the close of the show was the biggest aircraft in attendance.

The DVD contains interactive in-cockpit sequencies with the Turkish Stars, Patrulla Aspa and F-16.

Format: DVD
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