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European Airshows 2010 DVD

by Planes TV Code: 24842 Format: DVD / 120 mins Publication date: 01/07/2010 Availability: Sold Out Price: AU $29.95
Producer's notes: The success of European Airshows 2009 persuaded us to make an even bigger effort this year and we have recorded some amazing and important action. We attended ILA Berlin and recorded the Me262 and the Daimler Benz engined Bf 109 sharing the skies with modern tecnology that included the new Airbus A400M military freighter. The historic La Ferte Alais show delivered an amazing gamut of warbirds from WW1 to Vietnam but also welcomed a major contribution from the French navy celebrating its 100th anniversary. The French Air Force show at Cambrai was the last at this historic base; it closes in 2011. It was a huge show with no fewer than 7 aerobatic teams and flying until nearly 7pm. The annual 'Air Force Day' at Gilze-Rijen in the Netherlands was another massive event. The airfield attack with 16 F16's, Apaches, Chinooks and troops was a spectacle to remember. Incredibly clear weather accompanied our first trip to Gothenburg (Goteburg) in Sweden and Saab jets from the current Gripen to the historic Draken, Lansen and Tunnan were the show stars. Frecce Tricolori, Baby Blue and the Swiss PC7 team provided the formation aerobatics. Sanicole in Belgium added an evening display to its already hugely popular day show. Christian Moullec's microlight with geese formation contrasted with several frontline jets. Jersey qualifies as a "European" event by proximity to France and the rare gems attracted from continental Europe like the MS760 Paris II and Yves Rossi, the "Jet Man" at his first ever airshow. There was also a farewell appearnces by an Andover C1 and what transpired to be a farewell, Nimrod MRA4 now a victim of defence cuts. IN-COCKPIT INTERACTIVE in Douglas DC6, B25 Mitchell and Red Bull Cobra helicopter.
Format: DVD
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Publication date: 01/07/2010
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