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Duxford Spring Air Show 2011 DVD

by Planes TV Code: 24432 Format: DVD / 48 mins Publication date: 01/07/2011 Availability: Sold Out Price: AU $29.95

Duxford’s big Spring 2011 airshow celebrated “Women in Aviation” as its theme and more than half the display featured women pilots and personalities.

Zan Blundell displayed the Yak-52 and globe-trotting Polly Vacher showed her Piper Dakota. Tizi Hodson showed off her aerobatic skills in the Slingsby T67 Firefly.

Diana Britten flew the CAP232 through an amazing sequence of gyroscopic aerobatics and Fl Lt Jules Fleming displayed the RAF Hawk.

Carolyn Grace in the Spitfire IXT and Anna Walker in the Seafire XVII provided the most appropriate tribute of the day; to the women of the Air Transport Auxiliary, and the Breitling Wingwalkers provided the glamour!


RAF Tucano



Sea Fury

Slingsby Firefly

Piper Dakota

PBY Catalina

Curtiss Hawk 75

Breitling Wingwalkers

F86A Sabre

Hurricane and Buchon

Spitfire and P-51D

Cap 232

P-40B Warhawk

Spitfire and Seafire

RAF Hawk

The Black Cats


Breitling Wingwalkers In-cockpit Interactive. Use the Angle button on your DVD remote.



Format: DVD
Availability: Sold Out
Publication date: 01/07/2011
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