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Hawker Sea Fury DVD

Ultimate Piston Engined Fighter by Car & Tractor Books NZ Code: 22122 Format: DVD / 90 mins Publication date: 01/07/1991 Availability: Sorry, this is no longer available Price: AU $34.95
Producer's notes. See the ultimate piston-engine fighter as it operates from carriers in the Korean War. Then, enjoy a ride with a modern airshow pilot as you start-up, taxi, take-off, perform aerobatics and more, while each task is fully explained. Finally, take a full "panels-open" walk around - inside and out - for a full technical view of this famed warplane. The Royal Naval Historic Flight operate ex Fleet Air Arm aircraft to perpetuate the historic lineage of aviation at sea in the Royal Navy, The flight members, although of modern Navy, are justifiably proud of their charges and derive considerable satisfaction from their role as keepers of part of the nations aviation heritage. Very Sadly two diverse and major technical faults robbed the flight of its two Sea Furies, one in 1989 and one in 1990, after giving many people a good deal of pleasure over the years. This film was made using the SEAFURY120 as its star up until July 14th 1990 when its engine failed during a transit flight. Narrated by Richard Baker OBE, who was a Naval Officer from 1943-1946 and went on to serve for many years in Royal Naval Reserve reaching the rank of Commander RNR.
Format: DVD
Availability: Sorry, this is no longer available
Publication date: 01/07/1991
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Code: 22122