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Australian International Airshow (Avalon) 2009 DVD - Towards Tomorrow

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The Australian International Airshow 2009 is one of the worlds top aviation events.For several days over Avalon in Victoria, the skies come alive with some of the greatest aerial displays on the planet. From the latest combat jets to World War II war planes, from the gravity defying aerobatics of the worlds best stunt pilots to the more genteel displays by historic aircraft and new commercial aircraft, the Air show offers something for every enthusiast.This DVD highlights breath taking displays by three times world aerobatic champion, Russian Nikolay Timofeev and bran storming American Kent Pietsch.Experience their routines first hand, courtesy of cameras mounted inside and outside their stunt planes. There are also cameras inside Australias front line military aircraft, the FA 18 Hornet during a dazzling solo display.The DVD also features a rare close up look at Americas supersonic heavy bomber the B 1B, along with a mind boggling aerial display in the aircraft that will become Austalias new multi role fighter jet the new F A 18F Super Hornet.For War bird fans, we take you up, up and away with a pilots eye view of the celebrated Southern Knights formation display, and get the low down on the famous P 51 Mustang.Avalon 2009 commemorates the 40th anniversary of mans landing on the Moon and Australias only astronaut, Dr Andy Thomas, gives his unique perspective of what its like to experience space flight.With its theme of Towards Tomorrow, this DVD also features an insight into the aircraft that is slated to become Australias premier defence force asset, the Joint strike fighter F 35 Lightning.Bonus Features.* An Intimate Look at the F 35 JSF Fighter* Nikolay Timofeev in cockpit footage.

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