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The Jowett Bradford

Jowett's Unsung Hero Author: Stokoe, Noel Code: 58009 Price: AU $44.99 Format: Paperback / 140 pages Publisher: FONTHILL Published date: 01/06/2020 Availability: In Stock. Usually dispatched same business day from Sydney, Australia
The Jowett Bradford van was introduced in 1946 as a stop-gap model prior to the launch of the Javelin saloon. It was a pre-war design in every respect but proved to be very popular! It continued in production right up to the closure of the factory in 1954. It was the most successful model that Jowett Cars produced, building almost 40,000 of them.

Jowett Cars of the 1930s

Author: Stokoe, Noel Code: 48475 Price: AU $23.99 (was AU $39.99) Format: Paperback / 128 pages Publisher: FONTHILL Published date: 04/05/2017 Availability: In Stock. Usually dispatched same business day from Sydney, Australia
Jowett cars were built in Bradford, Yorkshire, from 1910-1954. This book details all models built by the company during the 1930s; a difficult time, with the depression looming, but Jowett Cars survived when many other manufacturers failed. This book contains period articles and illustrations, plus colour pictures of today's survivors.

The Jowett Jupiter - The Car That Leaped to Fame

Author: Edmund Nankivell Code: 38274 Price: AU $92.50 Format: Hardback / 224 pages Publisher: VELOCE PUBLISHING LTD Published date: 28/04/2016 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-2 business days

From the Jupiters inception and development, to its sporting success, and its current status as a sought-after classic, this unique book from the world authority on the Jupiter is a complete study of the model. Designed by Dr Eberan-Eberhorst, the noted Austrian engineer who designed the Auto Union Type D Grand Prix car, the Jowett Jupiter was ......


Jowett Album - Vehicles Built in Yorkshire (Auto Review Book)

Author: Rod Ward Code: 21305 Price: AU $14.95 Format: Paperback Publisher: MALVERN HOUSE Published date: 01/07/2008 Availability: Sold Out
A concise history of Jowett that is surprisingly informative. Almost every reader will learn something new about Jowett or about the vehicles that were built in Yorkshire, listed in an appendix. A great little bookand fun to browse.
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