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Macchi C.202 Folgore

Italy's Best Fighter of the Second World War Author: Davide F. Jabes, Alessandra Romanelle and Niccolo Tognarini Code: 70037 Price: AU $67.99 Format: Hardback / 256 pages Publisher: FONTHILL Published date: 11/02/2022 Availability: In Stock, usually dispatched same day
The Macchi C.202 was probably the most successful Italian fighter in WW2, the aircraft of almost all Italian top scoring aces. Mc.202 was fast and manoeuvrable, on par with, or better than the allied fighters of the same period. However, there were too few machines to exert a determinant role during the war due to inadequate planning and ......

Br. 1150 Atlantic

Italian / English text Author: Aviation Collectables Company Code: 59853 Price: AU $79.95 Format: Paperback / 64 pages Published date: 15/07/2020 Availability: Available to special order. Please contact us for updated price and availability.

The history of the Breguet Atlantic airplane, used by the Air Force as an anti-submarine aircraft with the 30th Wing and the 41st Wing.


Savoia-Marchetti S.79 Sparviero Torpedo-bomber Units

Author: Marco Mattioli Code: 35645 Price: AU $32.99 Format: Paperback / 96 pages Publisher: OSPREY Published date: 06/10/2014 Availability: In stock at supplier. Usually dispatched 3-7 business days
Italys Sparviero (Sparrowhawk) saw combat with the Regia Aeronautica in France, Yugoslavia, Greece, North Africa, East Africa and in the Mediterranean versus the Royal Navy. Italys most successful wartime bomber, the S.79 was also the most produced, with around 1370 built between 1936 and early 1944. Initially developed by Savoia-Marchetti as a ......
Page 1 of 1 (3 items)