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GPW Jeeps in Detail & M1 75mm Pack Howitzer

Author: Doyle, David Code: 50818 Price: AU $39.99 Format: Paperback / 72 pages Published date: 10/10/2017 Availability: Sold Out

GPW Jeeps in detail is an extended second issue including the 75mm Pack Howitzer. Complete colour throughout showing every aspect of the jeep and howitzer. 


Military WWII Jeep

Diecast Model Car 1:18 Author: Diecast Distributors Code: 48980 Price: AU $99.00 Format: MODEL Publisher: DIECAST DISTRIBUTORS Published date: 04/04/2017 Availability: Sold Out

Military WWII Jeep

Model Cars are manufactured to various scales based on measurements taken from their real road going equivalents.

In Australia, the most popular scale is 1:18, or in simple terms, a model 18 times smaller than its road going equivalent. A 1:18 scale model is about the same length as a ......


The Wartime Jeep In British Service 1941 - 1945

Author: Gavin Birch Code: 15284 Price: AU $49.95 Format: Paperback Publisher: CHATERS WHOLESALE Published date: 01/07/2004 Availability: Sold Out
This book is a photographic record of the use of Jeeps by British forces during World War II. It contains several hunderd photographs, many never before published, and literally tells a story with every photographs. It is the result of detailedresearch to discover those stories and build up the captions. It is a book that every military vehicle ......

The Military Jeep Buyer's Bible

Author: Mark Askew Code: 13479 Price: AU $69.95 Format: Paperback Publisher: CHATERS WHOLESALE Published date: 01/07/2003 Availability: Sold Out
This is a comprehensive guide to buying a military Jeep, and describes the differences between the different models as the Jeep developed plus a detailed listing of the differences between a genuine Willys or Ford Jeep and theFrench Hotchkiss built models. It describes the pitfalls of buying the various models including the amphibious Jeep or Seep ......
Page 1 of 1 (4 items)