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A New Type of Amphibious Ship: Getting Troops and their Equipment Ashore

Safely in Modern High Threat Littoral Environments: 2019 Author: Campbell-Roddis, Mark Code: 57908 Price: AU $88.39 Format: Paperback Published date: 25/07/2020 Availability: Future Publication. Pre-order now. Due date: July 2020
Presentation of the author's concept for a new type of Amphibious Ship for use in modern high-threat littoral environments.

British Amphibious Assault Ships

From Suez to the Falklands and the present day Author: Hampshire, Edward (Author) Code: 57620 Price: AU $24.99 Format: Paperback / 48 pages Publisher: OSPREY Published date: 18/12/2019 Availability: In Stock. Usually dispatched same business day from Sydney, Australia
Amphibious assault ships have been at the centre of nearly all of Britain's expeditionary campaigns since World War II, from the Suez crisis of 1956 to operations as far afield as Borneo (1963-66), the Falklands (1982), Sierra Leone (2000) and Iraq (2003). In major operations such as Suez and the Falklands, the use of amphibious assault ships was ......

Soviet Cruise Missile Submarines of the Cold War

Author: Hampshire, Edward (Author) Code: 51575 Price: AU $24.99 Format: Paperback / 48 pages Publisher: OSPREY Published date: 13/07/2018 Availability: Available, please contact us for availability
The Soviet Union's cruise missile submarines from the modified Whiskey, to the Oscar II classes were among the most formidable vessels of the Cold War. They were initially designed to carry land attack nuclear-tipped cruise missiles designed to strike targets on the eastern coast of the United States. By the late 1960s, however, submarine-launched ......

Royal Navy Submarine Manual: 1945 Onward ('A' Class - HMS Alliance)

Author: Goodwin, Peter Code: 32767 Price: AU $39.95 Format: Hardback / 160 pages Publisher: HAYNES PUBLISHING GROUP Published date: 02/04/2015 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched 1-3 business days

Launched in 1945 and commissioned two years later, submarine HMS Alliance was built for service with the Royal Navy in the Far East. Alliance had a long and distinguished career of more than 28 years that took her all over the world. Today, Alliance is the centrepiece at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Gosport, where the submarine experience ......

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