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Regia Aeronautica's Advanced Aircraft 1934-1943

Italian Secret Projects Author: Comelli, Marco Code: 57618 Price: AU $56.02 Format: Hardback / 176 pages Publisher: CRECY Published date: 15/12/2019 Availability: Future Publication. Pre-order now. Due date: December 2019
In the years leading up to World War II, the Italian government encouraged its aviation companies to develop innovative aircraft to meet the needs of the pre-WW2 Italian air force, the Regia Aeronautica . This book examines the conception, development and sometimes the construction and testing of some of these aircraft.

Savoia-Marchetti S.79 Sparviero Torpedo-bomber Units

Author: Marco Mattioli Code: 35645 Price: AU $34.99 Format: Paperback / 96 pages Publisher: OSPREY Published date: 06/10/2014 Availability: Available. Usually dispatched from UK 1-2 business days
Italys Sparviero (Sparrowhawk) saw combat with the Regia Aeronautica in France, Yugoslavia, Greece, North Africa, East Africa and in the Mediterranean versus the Royal Navy. Italys most successful wartime bomber, the S.79 was also the most produced, with around 1370 built between 1936 and early 1944. Initially developed by Savoia-Marchetti as a ......
Page 1 of 1 (2 items)