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Automobile Year 2014 - 2015 No. 62


In the 62nd Automobile Yearbook you can relive all the events that have marked the life of the motor car in 2014. The car industry is slowly getting back on its feet. Among the newcomers electric vehicles made little impact while the internal combustion engine continues to progress. In the area of concept cars manufacturers now prefer realistic projects, which herald future production models. In motor sport Formula 1 underwent a sea change with the introduction of new technical regulations including the anival of a V6 turbo engine and fuel restrictions. The ecological revolution is under way.... More...

Australian Grand Prix 80 Races


The definitive story of one of the oldest grands prix in the world. The stars and cars that have shaped the Australian Grand Prix over 80 years. Special limited edition with over 500 pages. More...

Classic Motorcycle Bookazine


From the 1885 Daimler Reitwagen, through to the heyday of the British, European, American and the all – conquering Japanese Motorcycles, this publication showcases the most exciting examples from these classic eras. More...

Lotus Sports Racers


A look into Lotus Sports Racers, viewed from leading motoring magazines. Covers a selection of information such as production figures, rally records, roadtests, servicing information. More...

Momo Italy 1964 - 2014 50 Years


Man, racing driver, entrepreneur: three terms that well describe Gianpiero Moretti, creator of Momo half a century ago, an Italian company renowned for its excellence in the production of steering wheels, racing suits and car components from 1964 to today. The historic marque decided to celebrate this important anniversary with a book that covers the salient stages of its development and consolidation, as well as Morettis long and prestigious motor racing career. From the companys association with Ferrari, dating back to the 60s when the Prancing Horse adopted Momo steering wheels for Formula 1, to the prolific IMSA experience, first... More...

Ayrton Senna - A Life in Pictures


Ayrton Senna is still the best loved of Formula 1 champions. Now that 20 years have passed since his tragic fatal accident at Imola on 1 May 1994, it is time to rediscover who and what Ayrton really was. An emotional yet rigorous journey that takes place along the two lines of visual testimony and in-depth intimacy. The stars of this book are the photographs: hundreds of shots and all of them in colour, which will ensure the reader relives the unrepeatable career of this great champion, from his humble beginnings in karts to his lightening experiences in lesser formulae... More...

Terry the Tramp: Life and Dangerous Times of a One Percenter


See what it takes to lead men who count themselves among the one percent.Terry "the Tramp," born in 1947 to a broken middleclass home and an absentee father in Alhambra, the blistering agricultural region of southern California, grew up with a violent chip on his shoulder. Raised in that tough-as-nails environment, he developed the courage to look right through a man twice his size and read his level of weakness to discover his breaking point.Terry became the international president of one of the most notorious one percenter motorcycle clubs in southern California, the Vagos MC, and remained in office through... More...

Marc Marquez: Nato per vincere / Born to win


Marc Marquez is the new motorcycle racing icon, the very young rider who has changed the face of MotoGP by winning the world title at just 21 years old. His story is told in this book by Marco Masetti, the well-established motorcycle racing journalist, who closely follows MotoGP as his publications correspondent. Masetti has literally seen Marquez grow from when he was a little boy with racing in his blood to when he became the sports sensation on two wheels, a true heir to Valentino. As well as this world championship-winning rider, whose career has been nothing short of startling,... More...

John McGuinness


The 2013 Senior win was a real milestone, my twentieth TT win. I have stood on more podiums on the Island than anyone else now. I fully accept that one day I wont be at the pointy end but there is still a big part of me thats determined to win. John McGuiness In this new edition of the bestselling book, legendary TT rider John McGuinness tells his story in his own words, right up to and including the 2014 season. Featuring over 150 of Stephen Davisons stunning photographs, the book charts every part of McGuinnesss TT career, from his... More...

BMW Classic Coupes, 1965 - 1989


This is a definitive guide to BMWs high-performance classic coupes, tracking their rising success from 1965 to 1989. After the doldrums of the post-war years, BMW had felt the need for a flagship grand touring coupe. The 507 of the late 1950s and the 3200 CS that replaced it in the early 1960s may not have made much money for the company, but they were a reminder of its aspirations. Then in 1964, a striking new coupe emerged from the building blocks of the latest saloon car range. The 2000 and 2000 CS, with their feisty 2-litre 4-cylinder engines, were... More...