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BRM V16 in Camera


On Sale! BRM (British Racing Motors) was a motor racing venture created after WWII to represent Britain in Grand Prix racing. A symbol of Britains post-war rebirth, the BRM car did nothing by halves: its 1.5-litre 16-cylinder supercharged engine and advanced specification made it a technical tour de force, but it earned a reputation as a fantastic folly, such that Stirling Moss described it as without doubt the worst car I ever drove. This book is a fascinating portrait of a racing car that still engenders enduring fascination. More...

Ayrton Senna - McLaren


Legendary Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Sennas intensity and commitment earned him a reputation as one of the biggest names in world sport. In his brief, fiery Grand Prix career, he won 41 races and three world championships. But it was his belief, passion and raw speed that made him a global superstar - and, at times, a dramatically controversial figure. Senna felt he was the best - and his results certainly backed up his belief. But the Brazilians rivals - most notably his McLaren team-mate, Alain Prost - were aware that his self-belief could be contentious; his utter refusal to... More...

The Jack Brabham Story


This long overdue work tells 'the Real Story' behind motor racing legend Sir Jack Brabham. The book presents a fascinating account of his life, including unpublished material detailing his early racing career on dirt tracks and road circuits in Australia. It then goes on to cover his incredible career from 1953-1970 which saw him win three Formula 1 Driver's World Championship titles, multiple F2 Championships, become the world's first dominant manufacturer of single-seater racing cars and the first - and so far only - driver to win a World Title in a car bearing his own name. ... More...

It's Not Just about Cars


Set against the "Big Country Town" that was Brisbane during the 1950s and 60s a junior bank officer searches for the love of his life and the car of his dreams. An unexpected change of occupation leads him down a road surpassing his wildest expectations and back to his childhood town of Maryborough. From boarding houses to the world of commerce, you meet some interesting characters on his journey in this true story. Snippets of local history and unusual car information add to this great read. More...

The Formula One Miscellany


Formula Ones World Championship has a reputation for glamour, glitz, glory . . . and a huge, devoted fan base. Painstakingly researched, this updated edition of The Formula One Miscellany covers the sport from starting flag to the finish line with driver biographies, track descriptions, team information, details of the famous head-to-heads, and much more. More...

Moto Guzzi


With the launch of the new California 1400 in 2013, and appointment of actor Ewan McGregor as brand ambassador, Moto Guzzis owners Piaggio are proving their faith in the future and importance of Moto Guzzi. "Moto Guzzi - The Complete Story" charts the development of the stylish Guzzi bikes and the highs (and lows) of one of the oldest motorcycles marques still in existence. Topics covered include: The origins of the Moto Guzzi factory at Madello del Lario - the oldest motorcycle factory in the world The success at the Isle of man TT and races worldwide The development of... More...

TT Talking - the TT's Most Exciting Era 2004-2012


The decade between 2004 and 2014 was one of the most dramatic eras in the century-old history of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, which began with the races in decline, and many observers fearing that they would soon be killed off by a combination of rising costs, political correctness and logistical practicalities. But, just a few years later, the triumphant 2007 celebration of the races centenary launched the TT into a whole new era of public and commercial success. With growing public interest and awareness, road racing became established as a specialist sport in its own right. Media interest... More...

British Custom Motorcycles


This book takes a look at some of the fantastic British motorcycle-based custom bikes around the globe. From the old to the new, it shows that when it comes to customising British bikes, things go much further than the simple chopped Triumph parallel twin. A celebration of all things custom Brit, it is the only book devoted entirely to the British custom motorcycle, revealing the innovative, fresh approach to British-based custom bike building. Whether youre a Brit-bike devotee, or a fan of the custom motorcycle scene in general, this book is for you. More...

Ultimate Piston Fighters of the Luftwaffe


The development of aviation engines in Germany was revolutionary during closing stages of the Second World War. In 1945, the Daimler Benz, Jumo and BMW engines in service, equipped with power boosting systems, generated 2,000 hp. There were prototypes that could generate 3,000 hp and BMW/Argus projects could reach 4,000 hp. To benefit from their extreme performances, Blohm und Voss, Daimler Benz, Dornier, Focke Wulf, Heinkel, Henschel, Messerschmitt and Skoda designed an impressive series of fighters that never left the drawing board. The reason was the decision taken by the Oberkommando der Luftwaffe to mass manufacture the iconic and revolutionary... More...

The Big Book of Flight


Packed with derring-do stories of aviations pioneers as well as fascinating profiles of remarkable planes, from Spitfires to Space Shuttles. More...