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Maximum Mini - The Book of Cars Based on the Original Mini

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Author: Jeroen Booij

Published: 2014

Binding: Hardcover

No. Pages: 128

Dimensions: 25 x 25


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Description: Publisher's Notes: This UK book focuses solely on the cars derived from the classic Mini. Small GTs, sports cars, roadsters and fun cars: Mini derivatives that changed the specialist motoring market completely in the early sixties, and new designs kept it busy for nearly four decades. From the well known Mini Marcos and Unipower GT that raced at Le Mans, to the very obscure but as exciting Coldwell GT or Sarcon Scarab, almost 60 cars are thoroughly researched, described and photographed in this book. Features - The first book to focus solely on Mini-derived cars, as opposed to the Mini itself - Unique pictures especially taken for this book cover every car in great detail - Jeroen has travelled the world to seek out rare and unique Mini-based cars to record and photograph - Deeply researched information, from the original source where possible
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