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Little Book of Mini

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Author: Brian Laban

Published: 2013

Binding: Hardcover

No. Pages: 160

Dimensions: 20 x 30

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Description: Publisher's notes: Whether it's about the classic, original Mini or the new generation MINI from BMW, this is the story of an extraordinary motoring icon. A car that was conceived as the answer to a crisis but which became one of the best known, best loved and biggest selling small cars in motoring history. It is the story of a car that was designed for the masses but became a must-have fashion statement for the rich and famous — for rock idols and movie stars, even for the aristocracy and royalty. It is the story of a small car that was designed to beat fuel shortages but which became a giant killer in world motor sport, in both racing and rallying. The new generation MINI moved the concept into the 21st Century with all that meant in terms of crash proofing and "necessary" luxuries. Far from the spartan Mini of 1959, the MINI is a thoroughly modern small car that retains the cheeky looks and go-kart handling of the original. Little Book of Mini is an inspirational story of a car that has been re-invented for a new millennium and for such a small car, it is one of the greatest motoring stories of them all.
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