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Hitler's Motor Racing Battles - Silver Arrows Under The Swastika

Code No: 20181

Price: $55.00

Availability: Out of print

Author: Eberhard Reuss

Published: 2014

Binding: Hardcover

No. Pages: 392

Dimensions: 15.6 x 23.4

Illustrations: B&W THROUGHOUT

Description: The story of the invincible 'Silver Arrows' is an enduring legend, but who remembers that in the 1930s the cars racing under this famous name were massively promoted by the Nazis! Radio and TV journalist Eberhard Reuss paints a unique and richly illustrated portrait of the beginnings of German motor racing. Stripping away the myths that surround Hitler's race-track battles, he reveals the deep involvement of the motor industry and its top sportsmen with the Nazi regime.
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