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Can-Am Cars in Detail - Machines & Minds Racing Unrestrained

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Author: Pete Lyons

Published: 2013

Binding: Hardcover

No. Pages: 224

Dimensions: 45 x 35


Description: Publisher's Notes: Giant engines. Revolutionary aeroforms. Thunderous power, lap speeds faster than those of Formula One cars, and a freedom from regulation that today’s racers may not even be able to dream of. That was the Can-Am. The original Canadian-American Challenge Cup series only lasted from 1966 to 1974, but what ground-shaking, carshaping years those were. With minimal rules and lavish prize money, the Can-Am attracted top-flight teams and superstar drivers from sports cars, F1, and Indy car racing. It also encouraged innovation, and for almost every round, racing’s most inventive minds brought out novel and astounding ideas. Chaparral produced cars with wings and suction fans and two engines. McKee made a car shaped like a wedge. Lola tried a car shaped like a bullet. Shadow investigated Tiny Tires. Ferrari built its biggest-ever engine for the Can-Am. And the first successfully turbocharged road racer was a Can-Am Porsche. But the most successful Can-Am cars were those built to survive on North America’s most demanding road courses. McLarens were big and powerful and fast, but they were also technically conservative, with each season’s car no more advanced than was necessary to win. And win they did: McLaren cars dominated the series, winning five championships and better than 60 percent of all Can-Am races. Can-Am Cars in Detail revisits 22 of these epic machines through stunning studio photography by Peter Harholdt and vivid descriptions by Pete Lyons, long considered the dean of Can-Am journalists. Can-Am cars are beautiful blends of art and action, pinnacles of engineering and craftsmanship that express the heights of human imagination and ambition and achievement. Seen in the chronological order that they appeared at Bridgehampton, Mosport, Laguna Seca and other classic road courses, these machines invite us to join them on a journey. The following Table of Contents lists the cars featured in the book: 1. Chaparral 2E 2. Lola T70-Ford 3. Genie Mk 10B 4. McLaren M6A 5. Honker II 6. Caldwell D7 7. McLeagle 8. McLaren M8B 9. Ferrari 612 P 10. Ford 429’er 11. McKee Mk 10 “Wedge” 12. Chaparral 2H 13. AVS Shadow Mk 1 14. Porsche 917PA 15. Chaparral 2J 16. McLaren M8F 17. Lola T260 18. Porsche 917/10K 19. McLaren M20 20. Lola T310 21. Porsche 917/30 22. Shadow DN4
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